Dallas Housing Authority Waitlist Pre-Application
Voucher Program Walker Project Based
 What is the Project Based Assistance Program?
The Project Based Assistance “PBA” Program is a component of the Housing Authority of the City of Dallas, TX “DHA” Section 8 Tenant Based Voucher Program. In the PBA program, the rental subsidy is attached to the unit, rather than the tenant. After one year of assistance , the family may be eligible to move from a PBA unit to the housing authority’s tenant based voucher program, if funding is available.
 What is the Walker Agreed Final Judgment?
In 1985, seven African American women sued DHA over segregated and inferior public housing for low-income Dallas residents. The lawsuit, known as the Walker case, documented the disconcerting reality of public housing in Dallas. The U.S. District Court established that public housing units were built only on minority sections of the city and tenant selection procedures were operated to maintain racially segregated housing. It was also determined that certain housing programs implemented procedures to prevent minorities from moving into non-minority areas of Dallas.
DHA is mandated to maintain 119 Project Based Section 8 units in locations that provide social, recreational, educational, commercial, health care, and municipal facilities and services that are at least equivalent to the social, recreational, educational, commercial, health care, and municipal facilities and services provided to the locations in which low income white households receive HUD funded housing assistance in predominantly white neighborhoods.
 Who is Eligible to apply to the Walker Project Based Waitlist?
There is no settlement class member requirement for applicants to apply for this waitlist. All applicants on the waitlist must be determined eligible by federal guidelines and DHA screening criteria prior to being housed.
 Will I ever be eligible for a regular Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)?
Once you have resided in the Walker Project Based unit for 1 full year, you are eligible to receive a regular Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), subject to funding availability. This regular voucher will provide you the opportunity to move to any eligible unit in the private market that you choose.
 How do I apply for the Walker Project Based Wait List?
The preferred method of acceptance is the online portal at www.dhadal.com . However, in order to make the Pre-application process accessible to all applicants, the DHA shall accept pre-applications via the following methods:
• Pre-Application may be completed online at www.dhadal.com beginning February 12th, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.
• Pre-Applications may be forwarded from project based properties.
• Pre-Applications may be forwarded from Approved Referral Agencies.
• Pre-Applications may be mailed to the Lone Star Office, and MUST be postmarked within dates when the DHA is accepting pre-applications.
• ONLY Persons with disabilities requiring assistance to complete the Pre-Application, may apply in person on Monday – Thursday only (excluding holidays), beginning February 17th, 2015 between the hours of 8:00am and 12:00pm at:
Dallas Housing Authority
Voucher Programs
2575 Lone Star Drive
Dallas, Texas 75212
 What do I do if I don’t have a computer or internet access at home?
You may visit a public library or a social service agency in order to apply. For your convenience, you may visit www.dhadal.com for a full listing of local public libraries with internet access.
 How do I know my pre-application was submitted?
Once the pre-application is completed and submitted online, you will receive a confirmation number, and the option to print your pre-application. Retain the confirmation number provided as documentation of your submission.
• If the pre-application is received in paper format, you will receive a receipt via US Postal mail service within 3 to 5 business days of receipt.
 When will this wait list close?
DHA will provide a 24 hour notice on our website when we decide to close the wait list.
 How will clients be selected from the wait list?
The order of the applicants will be based on date and time of the application. Applicants will be selected by their ranked order, which is in the sequential order of the date and time they applied. Families qualifying for the following preferences shall have a priority over all other families applying for housing:
1. Homeless due to documented domestic violence.
2. An individual graduating from or “aging out” of the foster care program administered by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.
3. An individual who is currently or formerly homeless and ready to move to project or tenant-based voucher program providing permanent supportive housing to the homeless.
 What are the eligibility requirements for the Walker Project Based Program?
1. Be a family as defined in DHA Administrative Plan for the Voucher Program.
2. Applicant must qualify as a Very Low-Income Family (including Extremely Low-Income) under HUD‘S approved income limits.
3. DHA shall provide housing assistance to United States citizens and eligible non-citizens. At least one Family member must be a documented U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen. A household with at least one ineligible member is considered a Mixed Family and will be required to pay a higher rent. The subsidy standard shall be based on number of family member(s) and the housing assistance Income Limits; (Please reference the HCVP Administrative Plan for further guidance)
4. Meet or exceed the Applicant Selection Criteria related to criminal activity history, alcohol abuse history, tenancy history, utility payment history, and pay any money owed to DHA or any other housing authority from either the Public Housing program or HCV (Section 8) programs.
 Can I have a criminal record?
Yes, but DHA has established guidelines to determine eligibility of applicants who apply that may have a previous criminal record. A family with an adult member who has a recent criminal history for violent or drug-related crime is not likely to be approved for assistance (Please reference to the HCVP "Administrative Plan", for further guidance.)
 What should I do if I need to change my address?
All address changes must be requested in writing at our Voucher Programs Office, located at 2575 Lone Star Dr., Dallas, TX 75212 office. No address changes will be processed by telephone.
 If I owe a debt to any assisted housing program, can I still apply?
Yes, but applicants who owe money to DHA or any other housing authority will not receive assistance until their debt is paid in full.
 If I currently live in public housing, can I still apply?
Yes, you can apply for the HCV program and currently live in Public Housing.
 I am currently on the waiting list for another program. Can I still apply?
Yes, an applicant may apply for any program that has an open waitlist.
 If I don’t have any income, can I still apply for assistance?
 How long will it take for my name to come up to the top of the list?
The amount of time it takes to receive assistance varies based upon the vacancies at the properties.